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Artificial Intelligence - Scaling your B2B Marketing and Sales

Artificial Intelligence - Scaling your B2B Marketing and Sales

Technological developments have always assisted businesses while creating new opportunities for getting to the potential customers. With this, one of the biggest advancements in technology is Artificial Intelligence (AI) which is creating a big buzz in the digital arena. AI in B2B marketing and sales has transformed the way people provide information, interact with businesses and services.

In fact, the world of B2B marketing and its future are balanced by Artificial Intelligence. Big enterprises dismay the idea of complete automation of marketing movements via smart AI technology. Nevertheless measuring the effect of AI-powered robots in different customer service industries, one can assure that understanding customer nuances will not be manual or managed by human power only.

Although professional marketers tested machine learning algorithms, still there is a big ground to be unearthed when it comes to personalization, lead generation, and statistical analysis.  

However, this article is all about the present working of B2B business and how AI is accompanying it in boosting up sales while bringing the highest revenues in return.

But before we dive deep into B2B and AI together, it is important to understand both of them individually.

Business to Business (B2B) Marketing

B2B marketing refers to the marketing of your products and services to the businesses or some other organizations. One business sells it to other business for general use, resale, for business operations and so on.

In other words: Businesses are your prime customers when it comes to B2B marketing.

Business to Business Marketing Trends Today

With marketing strategies inclining towards business to business techniques, the trends have also changed enormously. Now B2B marketing is more customer-centered, more data-driven, more mobile based, more interactive and more influencing.  

Artificial Intelligence

According to AI, the intelligent machines work and react like human beings. It is the simulation of human intelligence procedures by machines, mainly computer systems. Some particular activities of AI include speech recognition, expert systems, planning, learning, problem-solving and more.

AI and Computing

Artificial intelligence is designed in a way that it emulates the ability of manpower while surpassing the ability to stay accurate across all the existing business processes. The AI-powered computing systems work well in solving the problems without any codes needed for programming.  This system has been taught the art of learning from human interactions through convincing illustrations and a predetermined set of rules.

Now that you know what B2B and Artificial marketing are, it is important to go beneath and find out how both of them together make the best outputs come to picture:

How is Artificial Intelligence Transforming B2B Marketing?

Over the last few years, B2B marketers have started turning to AI in order to perk up the effectiveness of their campaigns. This accelerates the business growth. According to research, more than 80% of the B2B marketing executives hold the opinion that AI will transform the field in the coming years. But only 10% of the report while using AI applications nowadays.

The improved lead generation has always been a major key focus of the entire buzz around AI, but it is just a tip for B2B companies. The AI-driven solutions can prove to be a blessing in the marketing and sales circle, collecting piles of data into the actionable insights. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has got the power to predict the consumer behavior and computerize the aspects of the buyer’s journey. This is somehow helping to make smarter decisions and improve the effectiveness as it was never before.

This may appear frightening to the marketers, but in reality, there is hardly any need to worry about AI robots doing their job. AI is literally helping sales and marketing teams to do what they are best at, undertake relationship building and creative work.

Customer’s Nature, Inclination, and Buying Pattern

For every business, the customer is the real hero. In fact, consumers serve as an inspiration for installing new channels of communications industrialized through ubiquitous innovations. There is literally no better place for the businesses to invest in than Artificial Intelligence. The practical use of AI robots and algorithm may enable B2B marketers to accumulate and organize the data. This will help to imbibe the functioning of an already existing business network comprising of suppliers, customers, distributors, and marketers.

From predictions to personalization, marketers have an access to reach all the domains of marketing. This is done through a complete navigation of habits, tendencies, impulses, customers and buying patterns.

Therefore artificial intelligence in B2B marketing can help:

  • Recognize different online campaigns
  • Forecast potential consumers
  • Differentiate between visitors and buyers
  • Categorize special choices and trends
  • Personalize different online campaigns
  • Efficient decision making
  • Improved efficiency
  • Bring in more sales and revenue

This forms a very apparent picture that AI will bring revolution in the business to business marketing era very soon.

With this, it is also clear that AI enabled solutions are driving the biggest chunk of marketing and sales of many companies. In fact, this AI technology has started making judgments about customer behavior and their entire buying journey.

Additional features of AI technology:

Since AI has curbed the market in such a positive way, there are some exclusive features that cannot be skipped to mention.

Artificial Intelligence Checks Brand Rejection

A major part of B2B sales and marketing depends on the satisfaction level of end users. The complete business network of suppliers, distributors, customers, and partners may remain in complete harmony if consumers desire more of your brand. But in very worst cases, if they keep fetching annoying messages at some wrong time with irrelevant offers, you need to be ready to see them denying your brand and quit their loyalty towards a specific company.

This is where AI marketing comes to the scene. AI-powered messages are cut to target customers and are triggered at the perfect time. These are highly contextual as well. This is a kind of informed approach that may not only inspire consumers to take your brand into consideration but also feel less annoyed and triggered at the same time.

Predict Customer Desires

On the basis of what we have so far learned about the capabilities of AI machines, this could be for a real catch. Prior to this, marketers and companies showed interest in knowing in advance what customers would actually want in the nearest future? Artificial intelligence drive marketing prophecy while helping you in predicting the customer demand which is based on purchase patterns and trends. Brand marketing specialists may get a very tremendous kick from concrete results of AI, enabling sales and marketing teams to perform well in their pre-sales phase because they get to know what consumers are likely to want.

Through informed proposals, artificial intelligence in B2B marketing may help boost marketing effectiveness. This weaves the future requirements and expectations of their customers in their campaigns. Through AI brands get an assistant to come up with the suggestions for merchandise management, most searched products, false discovery, custom deals and more.

Digital Operations turn Economical

One of the alarming challenges of marketing is the optimization of the involved cost. Since the entire business cult has gone online, machine learning comes as a great choice to encounter the marketing challenges associated to cost.

Ever since AI’s learning ability include minimized human power, automated system may decrease the considerable amount of expenditures in the process. In return, this will enhance the work efficiency. Since customers get auto-responses and machine-enabled suggestions on prevailing offers via emails, online ads and push messages, this is reducing business communication costs to a great extent.

AI Today and Tomorrow

Until now AI has been broadly used by many leaders in the IT domain. Like Google launched its pixel in the recent year using the capability of the machine learning tool called Doubleclick. It actually helped in increasing the number of viewable impressions relying on the historical data. Google checked it rising while placing it in the most relevant ads to the concerned audience, fetching more impressions with the tool other than campaigns that hardly made any use of the tool.

Therefore AI permits the marketers to forecast the future outcomes while using the previous history. In the latest survey, more than 90% of the marketing influencers approved that smart businesses combined with AI technology will be the blooming future of B2B marketing.

For example:

Coca-Cola is highly dependent on AI to reinvent the consumer engagement on smartphones. Same is with Walt Disney. It relies on a natural language process to play a soundtrack when reading a story to your child.


No doubt, artificial intelligence in B2B sales and marketing is the future which is apparently visible. All the practical use cases conclude that machine learning and AI can be the real assistants in managing the wild flow for business to create real-time predictive models. This also helps in effectively engaging with consumers while gaining a competitive advantage. Thus AI is here to offer the B2B marketers a perfect opportunity. It will push the boundaries of creating an interactive user experience and creativity that may boost business revenue eventually.

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