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How to accelerate the conversion process on your WordPress site

You may have an amazing product to sell or an outstanding service to offer, but if your website can’t convince visitors to stay, then the sales just won’t cut the mustard. SEO and SEM can bring in traffic, but they can’t convert visitors into potential customers. This article will provide crucial tips to speed up the conversion process on your WordPress site.

Why choose wordpress?

Today, WordPress has become the most commonly used platform for website building and support. With its user-friendly and simple design, plus thousands of available themes, WordPress is now the most popular website editor in the world. When building a website, design is just as important as content and improving this component can significantly impact your sales.

So here are some tips that may help you improve the quality of your website and its conversion rate.

Use a simple theme

When you start working on your WordPress site design, your first task will be to select a theme and trust me, it’s tougher than you think because of the wide range of themes available. We don’t recommend opting for something quite “flashy” or choosing a theme loaded with too much information, unless you want to scare off users! It’s best to select a theme that is simple, clean, catchy and engaging.

First impressions are crucial

Have you ever heard someone say that “first impressions are often right”? In the online world, this is especially true. If a visitor leaves your site quickly due to a bad impression or because they couldn’t find the information they were looking for, odds are that they will not come back and there’s absolutely no chance that they’ll become a customer. The first thing a user does is wonder if he’s going to stay or run away. Try to present important information first, highlight your value proposition, and show him that you can provide what he is looking for. After all, that’s what brought him to your site in the first place.

Avoid distractions

Sometimes websites use a lot of plug-ins, pop-ups or useless content just to make the web page more appealing. However, these can become a distraction and users are generally impatient when searching for information. That’s why it is better to get straight to the point and to ensure that the user finds the information he needs quickly and intuitively. So keep important information easily accessible.

Understanding user needs

You should always strive to engage users, this should be your top priority! After all, it’s the starting point of your website. To achieve this, you need to truly understand your users and properly target your potential customers. You need to know what age groups you are targeting, what their needs are, and what solution you can provide for them. These questions will help you better focus on your users’ needs, so you can build a site that meets those criteria.

Opt for a conventional navigation system

Another problem we come across is failing to provide a conventional navigation system. By conventional, I mean sticking to navigation in the header, links in the footer and sidebars on the left. For a long time now, this has been a trusted method for users and they’ll seek this information instinctively. By making navigation too complex and unintuitive, your site will become difficult to browse.

Use seo to your advantage

Knowing how to use SEO effectively and making it work for you will significantly contribute to increasing your conversion rate. You can do this by focusing on keywords that are relevant and sought after by your target audience, while also creating content based on internet user searches. A site that is full of relevant content with well-selected keywords will drive Google to rank your site among the best. SEO (search engine optimization) is a great way to bring traffic to your site.

Create quality content

Whenever it comes to content, always choose quality over quantity. Users generally don’t have the attention span for long texts and nothing chases them away faster than lousy content. So always shoot for rich, concise and well-explained content.

Introduce interruption marketing

Interruption marketing is when the consumer is interrupted while reading a text or watching a video. Using a timely pop-up can help your users move away from content and convert them into potential buyers. For instance, if your visitor is checking out blog content, you could offer a pop-up that includes a form for downloading an ebook or for subscribing to your newsletter. If your user is on a specific product page, they could get an offer to buy the product at a discount.

Running A/B tests

Lastly, A/B tests (split tests) are widely used in web marketing and will allow you to test two versions of emails, web pages, landing pages, forms, advertising visuals, etc. With A/B tests, you can determine which of the two versions is the most successful among your visitors.


A WordPress site is a powerful tool in itself and when combined with SEO, it can become a real conversion machine. In this article, we’ve provided some key tips, which, if applied carefully, can improve your conversions in a significant way and help you to achieve your goals.

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Article écrit par MaryEve Racine
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