OBURO works with you to optimize the ergonomic aspect of your work environment, but also to set up standards programs and facilitate the LEED accreditation process. Their team will help you to control costs, optimize employee performance and resolve issues related to the workspace design and layout.

Their ultimate aim is to build a lasting business relationship with you that is based on respect, and to become a privileged business partner whom you can rely on at all times. OBURO wants to proactively contribute to your success and to achieving your goals, by providing the tools and support that you need, as your organization evolves and faces new challenges.

Our Solution

Oburo called on TactikMedia to find new customers and to improve the company’s SEO and branding.

With this goal in mind, we created a bilingual website with an online store and more comprehensive content. We took this opportunity to develop a more sophisticated brand image. To encourage prospect conversions, we also added forms that were quick and easy to fill out.

  • Website creation
  • Speed optimization
  • Keyword strategy
  • Natural referencing (SEO)
  • Google Analytics
  • SSL Certificate



Nous sommes présents et authentiques pour nos clients.

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