About Lomir Biomedical

Initially, Lomir had a functional but obsolete website. The company was already recognized as a leader in its field, and therefore needed a website that would represent its innovative brand and allow customers to learn about its wide range of services.

Our Solution

Our initial goal: to quickly redesign of the website, in order to optimize it for conversion and SEO. To do this, we first improved the structure, technology and content of the current website. In the meantime, we started an AdWords campaign and developed a new website with a Woocommerce online store and Cornerstone features. The site was later connected to an automated sales process, in ActiveCampaign.

These enhancements have resulted in a significant increase in the number of customers who visit Lomir’s website on a daily basis and the automation ensures an efficient sales process.

  • Website creation
  • Speed optimization
  • Keyword strategy
  • Natural referencing (SEO)
  • Google Analytics
  • SSL Certificate



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