About Hydraulique Continental

Since 1978, Hydrauliques Continental has provided expert service in manufacturing, repair, reconditioning and distribution of high-quality hydraulic components and pumps. Our small, family-owned company of specialized employees is committed to providing fast, reliable and friendly service, at a price that will suit your budget. We are proud to offer you outstanding customer service.

With nearly 40 years of expertise in hydraulics and experience working with metals, we are a one-of-a-kind supplier. It is our goal to meet your deadlines and to offer the lowest possible price, while providing reliable products, precision manufacturing, and attentive customer service.

Our Solution

Due to issues relating to bugs, Hydraulics Continental was forced to set up a new website in a hurry. This one did not optimize the company’s natural referencing (SEO) and lacked content. At this time, the company was also looking to generate new customers and to better promote their full range of hi-tech services.

Together, we developed a multi-level strategy:

– The website and its content were reworked, integrating modern conversion strategies.
– Once the website was completed an AdWords campaign was launched and then tweaked over time
– Later, an email marketing campaign was launched, to target new customers

These strategic measures allowed us to improve Hydrauliques Continental’s Google rankings and their sales team has noted a significant increase in the number of incoming calls and emails from new customers.

  • Website creation
  • Speed optimization
  • Keyword strategy
  • Natural referencing (SEO)
  • Google Analytics
  • SSL Certificate


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