Generating leads

The agency that transforms your website into a conversion machine.
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Attract the right clients

We help you identify and effectively target your ideal customers, to get the right message to the right person at the right time.


Generate sales-qualified leads

We design and implement the best strategies to attract visitors to your website, so they can get to know your products or services.


Convert prospects into clients

After generating qualified leads, we use effective marketing solutions and actions that will convert your prospects into customers. We deploy strategies that prompt your visitors to take a concrete step, whether it be making a purchase or submitting a contact form.

Our primary solutions for generating leads

Lead generation and conversion rates are important factors to consider when analyzing the performance of a website. What’s the use of investing time and money in a site if it doesn’t bring in any return on investment?

We assist you in all stages of converting a visitor to a customer: identifying the right prospects, targeting them, contacting them, educating them, converting them and then building loyalty.

Website design and optimization
Conversion rate optimization
Google SEO
Adwords campaign, Facebook Ads and LinkedIn Outreach
Inbound marketing
Content marketing
Automated marketing
Email marketing

Why choose TactikMedia?


Reach your goals

Our team of experts can create a site that will make your business and expertise shine on the web.


A certified business

As a certified Google Partner business, we will strategically position your website among top search engine results.


A team dedicated to your success

At TactikMedia, our first priority is to actively participate in our clients’ success by helping them to stand out on the web and to achieve their goals.


"A truly competent and motivated team! I am very satisfied with their service. "
Charlotte Côté

We are real and authentic partners for our clients

Working with our digital marketing agency, you can benefit from personalized, high quality service. If you send us requests or questions, you will receive an answer within 24 hours.
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We combine web and strategy to attract new clients

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