Account-based marketing has existed in B2B business strategies for many years and is quickly becoming more popular. This tactic makes it possible to reach important strategic accounts that were identified beforehand.

We have already discussed ##the definition of this type of marketing. Now let’s take a look at the benefits of account-based marketing.



Strategic Account Marketing is about as customized as advertising messages get. Each customer is seen as his own market and considered as such.

As a result, the client feels much more engaged by this personalized speech than by general messages. If marketing content is well crafted, the customer will easily recognize himself in the needs that are listed and be attracted by suggested solutions.

Offering tailored campaigns that meet each customer’s profile helps to create better long-term loyalty. That’s exactly what every B2B company is looking for: accounts that bring in revenue and loyal customers!


By identifying preferred accounts, you can focus your efforts and marketing resources on these potential customers.
So rather than launching multiple campaigns here and there and using marketing techniques on a broad consumer group that may not even be bringing in anything, operations focus on customers who are more likely to respond.
As a result, you can stop wasting time and money on marketing tactics that target a huge pool of potential customers.


Another benefit of account-based marketing is the marketing-sales alignment, which refers to coordinating both marketing and sales teams.
Gone are the days when teams were working in isolation, leading to delays, mistakes and low productivity!
This type of marketing requires collaboration between both teams in order to accurately target accounts, to develop marketing tools and techniques, and to analyze campaigns.


Marketing campaigns inevitably have to be analyzed to see the results and to make adjustments accordingly.
The advantage of account-based marketing is that it can easily be analyzed to understand what works and what doesn’t. Here, every marketing approach can be tracked and evaluated.
By easily and quickly analyzing each of your strategies, you can make changes when you encounter challenges, and start gearing up to build more effective campaigns.


Strategic account marketing allows B2B companies to generate more revenue, at a faster rate, as ##conversion rates increase at each step of the buying process. This is a particularly important advantage with strategic account marketing!

Based on your strong understanding of the client, you can be sure that marketing and sales teams will contact the potential customer at the right time, which significantly shortens the sales cycle.

That translates into a serious increase in return on investment!



As you can see, strategic account marketing is a particularly effective method for B2B companies, leading to increased engagement, better loyalty and stronger marketing campaign results.

So now you know the benefits of account-based marketing, but don’t know how to get your B2B strategy started? Get in touch with a TactikMedia specialist who can guide you through the process!

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