Account-Based Marketing In 5 Efficient Steps

Have you been hearing about Account-Based Marketing? Want to integrate it into your marketing strategy? Not sure where to start? Then you’re in the right place!

The benefits of this approach are significant, which appeals to B2B companies.

Here are the 5 main steps of account-based marketing , which you need to achieve in order to build a respectable strategy!


So you have to start by determining what an interesting and important client looks like, according to your business. Which company do you consider to be the ideal customer? This business should be more likely to buy your products and thus generate a lot of revenue.
One trick to properly select target accounts is to start with your current customer list. Among your customers, which of these accounts would you hate to lose? What are their unique attributes? You can then start looking for companies that share the same characteristics as your best customers.


The second step in account-based marketing is finding the right contacts within the target company.
Who will be the recipients of your messages and marketing campaigns? This is important because you are speaking to them and they will influence your marketing speech.
All the content you create in your account-based marketing strategy will be based on the attributes and unique characteristics of these contacts.


Next, you have to create personalized content that caters to the selected account, which is what makes account-based marketing effective.

The goal is to demonstrate to the company’s key contacts that you are familiar with their business and that you understand their market, products or services, challenges, and needs.

To do this, learn as much as you can before creating content and gather all possible information about your target audience, vision, mission, ranking, market environment, trends, and so on.


Once content has been created, you can begin sharing it so that it will reach the right targets and trigger a response!

No matter what tools you’ve created, you need to send them through relevant and effective communication channels. Choose them according to the profile of the contacts you are trying to reach. Will they be more convinced by e-mails, letters, online advertising campaigns, social networks or events?

Plus, you need to make sure that all your marketing tools are well coordinated.


Your campaign has been launched. After some time, you have to analyze the results. Is the selected account responding as you had hoped? Did the company convert to become a customer?

This step of account-based marketing allows you to evaluate what types of content and distribution channels work, and to modify your strategy accordingly.

Be aware that you still need to refresh content regularly.


Account-based marketing is an approach that can be very effective when all these steps are carried out properly.

As always, be careful not to put all your eggs in one basket. While this approach has undeniable benefits, it’s important to use it in conjunction with strategies based on inbound marketing.

To get support throughout the stages of account-based marketing, contact the TactikMedia team!

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