Account-Based Marketing

Optimize the return on investment of your B2B marketing and advertising campaigns with TactikMedia, an agency specializing in account-based marketing!
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Generate qualified business contacts

Account-Based Marketing (ABM) increases your business opportunities, by targeting customers who are more likely to be interested and by designing engaging campaigns for each one.


Shorten the sales cycle

Knowing your potential customers allows you to make sure they are contacted when they are ready to convert, which significantly speeds up the sales cycle.


Increase your revenue

ABM allows B2B companies to earn more revenue faster, as conversion rates increase in each stage of the buying process.

A key accounts marketing strategy allows B2B companies to acquire specific customers with high added value. All marketing and sales efforts are focused on certain potential customers, while campaigns are customized for each of them. The message is based on the attributes and requirements of the key account, resulting in a higher engagement rate, greater loyalty and better results from marketing strategies!

What we do for Account-Based marketing strategy

We have acquired solid experience that makes us a benchmark ABM agency.

Analyzing the market and the competition
Carefully targeting key accounts
Identifying key contacts within the target company
Writing content for campaigns
Creating visuals for ads
Writing and creating landing pages
Implementing strategies for better engagement and return on investment
Monitoring campaigns and actions
Analyzing the return on investment and the effectiveness of strategies
Producing reports on the evolution of campaigns linked to key account strategies

Your partner agency for Account-Based marketing!



We perform an in-depth analysis of your industry, services, target audience and competitors, laying a foundation for the success of all campaigns.



As a strategic account marketing agency, we have developed a proven approach that we use to help all our B2B customers succeed. We are continuously improving our process to ensure the success of each campaign that we manage.



Our creativity and reliable experience have allowed us to develop unique strategies that get results! We constantly monitor and adapt our methods to meet changing needs and to maintain effectiveness.


"We needed a nationwide Adwords campaign in a very short time, and TactikMedia took the challenge with confidence."
Audrey Bouliane

Avène Canada

We are real and authentic partners for our clients

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